Sergio Carlo’s wife has two tumors and will undergo surgery

The communicator Sergius Charles revealed on Wednesday night that his wife, Gabriela Arriazathey discovered two tumors, one in the lower part of the brain and the other in the right ear, after an MRI was performed.

Carlo, who had reported last Monday that Arriaza would undergo brain surgery, explained that his partner “has been feeling bad for two months” with “dizziness, disorientation and finally vomiting and a lot of headache.”

The ex-driver of “Chévere Nights” He also said that Arriaza visited doctors in the Dominican Republic and Atlanta, who diagnosed him with different conditions until Oregon was where they found the tissue masses that had worsened his health in recent days.

“Some doctors who saw that it was depression. Some plant doctors said it was stress… for a week I couldn’t swallow saliva. Seeing himself in this situation, he decided to go to Oregon where her mother did an MRI a few days ago and found the problem, ”said Carlo.

Likewise, along with several photographs where Arriaza is seen in the clinic and surrounded by relatives, the also actor and broadcaster indicated that Arriaza will be operated on this Thursday, he also thanked “for the messages of love and strength” and for wanting to provide financial aid for the process.

“Thanks to the medical friends who have given their professional opinion and thanks to the many people who have said” Sergio, whatever Gaby needs… don’t lack resources, “he wrote in the publication.

On April 17, the couple, who currently reside in Atlanta, Georgia, made headlines when they confessed that they were trying to have a baby after undergoing an in vitro fertilization process.

Sergio and Gabriela were married in January 2016 at a wedding held at the Jarabacoa Country Club, and although some images of the ceremony were disseminated on social networks, the official photographs were transferred to the magazine ¡HOLA! Dominican Republic.

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