Set the alarm! Rivals, days and times of Los Pumas 7s matches in the Sydney Sevens

The Argentine ruby ​​seven team achieved a historic consecration last weekend by beating New Zealand in the final of the Sevens from Hamilton, but far from relaxing, he quickly set a new goal and concentrated on what is to come: the Sydney stage.

With the first place achieved on New Zealand soil, Los Pumas 7s climbed to third position in the ranking and at dawn this Friday they will debut in the Sevens in Sydney, the fifth stop on the World Tour.

The complete schedule of matches for the group stage (Argentina is part of A) is as follows:

  • Friday the 27th, at 2:56 p.m. (Argentina time) vs. Canada.
  • Friday the 27th, at 9:34 p.m. vs. Britain.
  • Saturday 28, at 3.17 vs. Australia.

All the medals of Los Pumas 7s on the World Tour

Gold (4): Los Angeles 2004, San Diego 2009, Vancouver 2022 and Hamilton 2023.

Silver (12): Santiago de Chile and Singapore 2002, Cardiff 2003, Hong Kong and Singapore 2004, Wellington and Los Angeles 2005, George 2006, Cape Town 2016, Cape Town and Las Vegas 2018 and Malaga 2022.

Bronze (21): Paris 2000, Durban 2001, Mar del Plata 2002, Dubai and London 2004, George and London 2005, Singapore 2006, Edinburgh 2007, George and London 2008, George, Wellington and Adelaide 2009, George, Adelaide and London 2010 , Sydney 2018, Dubai I and II 2021 and Seville 2022.

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