Seven examples of formulas to avoid for breaking up with panache

From college to adult life to student life, relationship breakups are part of life’s difficult trials. 183471351/deagreez –

OUR ADVICE – If it’s always difficult to find the words when you want to end a relationship, “shock” or banal phrases should be avoided… We’ll explain why.

“It’s not you, it’s me”, “I don’t think I love you anymore”, “I have to think about my future”, “You are too good for me”or “you don’t fit me at all socially”… On social networks, and in particular Twitter, examples of break-up sentences are legion. But, while they’re sometimes surprising (what about “I don’t like your hands” to break up a relationship?), they’re nothing new.

Certain sentences have thus marked the history of literature, like Flaubert’s letter to Louise Colet: “Madame, I learned that you took the trouble to come to my house three times yesterday evening. I was not there. And in fear of the snubs that such persistence on your part could attract you from mine, good manners urge me to warn you: I will never be there. I have the honor to greet you”.

From classic formulas to “shock” phrases, we have all experienced that unpleasant moment when we have been dumped or been dumped. From college to adulthood…

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