Seven matches on the program for this seventh night of the Summer League!

It’s back! Tonight will be the seventh daytime night of this Las Vegas 2022 Summer League and once again there are beautiful people on the program. All eyes will obviously be on the Thunder-Kings at 2 a.m. where Chet Holmgren and Keegan Murray will face each other, but we must not forget the six other games which will start every hour, from 10 p.m. to 4 a.m. morning. And yeah, thanks to TrashTalk you also progress in Spanish.

Tonight’s program:

  • 22h : Bucks-Wolves
  • 23h : Hornets-Cavaliers
  • 0h : Pelicans-Wizards
  • 1h : Jazz-Raptors
  • 2h : Thunder-Kings
  • 3h : Sixers-Heat
  • 4h : Clippers-Nuggets

Well there you have it, another busy schedule! The sun will barely have had time to set on France when the Summer League youngsters will begin the first meeting of the evening. Given the heat and like every night for several days now, we advise you to sit outside with your mosquito repellent to enjoy the next masterclass by Sandro Mamukelashvili. Coming out of a very big game with the Bucks in 28/9/2/3/2 against the Celtics including a nice one-and-one poster, “MAMU” will try to reiterate against Wolves not really transcendent, who just seem to be waiting for the end of the competition to return to their forests. However, we hope to be able to see our Frenchies Sylvain Francisco and Hugo Besson (58th choice of the 2022 Draft), who have respectively played 0 and 7 minutes since the start of this summer league. We will continue at 11 p.m. with a small Hornets-Cavaliers whose main attraction will be to see if LJ Figueroa will miss his first shot of the tournament. With 16 points, 7 rebounds, 3.5 assists and 2 steals on average at 100% shooting coming off the bench in the first two games of the Hornets, the American-Dominican is in the continuity of his season in the G League at Santa Cruz Warriors. Opposite, we will only have eyes for Luke Travers (56th choice) and we hope that he will achieve a real five-by-five this time around (he had recorded a 6/5/3/2/5 in his first match). Two nice surprises made in Summer League but we will especially expect more from the big rookies of the two franchises, Ochai Agbaji for Cleveland (14th choice of the 2022 Draft) and Mark Williams for Charlotte (15th choice), not quite up to the expectations placed in them.

Midnight, it’s time to go home to continue the evening with a duel at the top Pelicans-Wizards. A somewhat bitter meeting on the side of New Orleans, which lost two of its rookies to injury including a ruptured anterior cruciate ligament for EJ Liddell (41st choice). On the side of the Wizards, if the workforce turns out pretty well, it is Johnny Davis (10th choice) who will have to do better than his 8.5 points at 25% shooting and 2.5 bullet losses. It’s 1 a.m. from zbar, you’re quietly settled in your sofa, it’s time to move on to the next game with dinosaurs who will visit the leader of this Summer League 2022. The only undefeated franchise, the Jazz is one of the most homogeneous teams in the competition with seven players with more than 10 points on average and already 16 youngsters who have set foot on the floor. Facing them, the Raptors will present themselves with the desire to catch up after yesterday’s ugly defeat against Chicago, where the sophomore Dalano Banton could not do everything alone. You’ve finally arrived at the time you’ve been waiting for and we can’t blame you for having come all this way for it. Oklahoma City will face the defending champion: the Sacramento Kings. The kind of sentence that is always weird to write. Keegan Murray (4th choice), new nugget from Sacramento, will face Chet Holmgren (2nd choice), 2nd biggest blocker of the competition. We are already salivating, especially since the two teams are not limited to their two headliners, but to their many excellent elements, which we cannot all mention here. Honestly, in this purge that the summer league can sometimes be, this game could be a ray of sunshine not to be missed.

Our night will then continue peacefully with a much less stylish remake of the 2022 Playoffs: Sixers-Heat. Philadelphia will be looking for its first win of the competition. To do this, the team will undoubtedly need a scorer, which it has sorely lacked in the first two games (Isaiah Joe is the leading scorer with 13.5 points on average). On the Miami side, this meeting may be an opportunity to find Nikola Jovic (27th choice), who did not play in the Heat’s last game. Finally, if you arrive until 4am, you will have the great pleasure of being able to watch our Frenchman Ismaël Kamagate play against the Clippers. Very comfortable in his first two appearances with Denver, the former pivot of Paris can continue to score points with the staff of Mike Malone. Opposite, you will still have the chance to observe a second Frenchie at work: Moussa Diabaté. In two games with Los Angeles, the strong winger averaged 9.5 points and 7.5 rebounds (the team’s best rebounder), with (very) high intensity. If you want to see two compatriots go blow for blow, you will have to set your alarm clock or leave on a sleepless night!

A Georgian mammoth, a big duel between prospects, two Frenchmen ready to go to war… but this seventh night of the Summer League could well be more interesting than it seems, right? Come on, let’s meet at 10 p.m.!

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