several rangers killed in ambush at W cross-border park

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Fatal incidents on Tuesday in the W cross-border park, shared between Niger, Benin and Burkina Faso, attributed to terrorist armed groups: five rangers and a Beninese soldier were killed, while on patrol. This is the heaviest toll since Benin began to cope with the attacks of terrorist groups.

With our correspondent in Cotonou, Jean-Luc Aplogan

At least” six dead » and « a dozen injured », according to a statement from African Parks published Wednesday, February 9 in the evening. In detail, five rangers and a soldier of the Beninese armed forces died – a provisional toll, says the same statement.

According to the South African NGO that manages the Beninese part of the park W, it was on Tuesday that a Rangers team was ambushed. These are the guards who provide security in the parks.

According to our information, after the first incident on Tuesday afternoon, there was a second: a vehicle of the Beninese armed forces, dispatched to rescue, would have experienced the same fate or would have jumped on a homemade device.

The versions differ according to the sources, and African Parks, the only one to have communicated on the subject, speaks only of ambush, for now.

The injured are being treated at a local hospital. Reinforcements have been deployed there.

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