Shake Milton is still a hit, the Sixers can see it coming

It was a trend and it has become a fact, Shake Milton not only has a stylish name but he also has talent. Talent and a sense of responsibility, because if the three offensive leaders of the Sixers are currently injured, the substitute point guard has taken things in hand for a week, and even more this night against the Magic.

Shake Milton Best Sixers Player?

Yes sir.

Extenuating circumstances obviously exist, Joel Embiid recently joined James Harden and Tyrese Maxey in the infirmary, but still had to take up the challenge of a team that was looking for a leader. Shake Milton has been showing it in snatches for four years (drafted in 2018, Shake has only known Philly) with some solid but isolated performances, but in this month of November it is a real guarantee that the 26-year-old leader is offering his franchise.

Propelled holder alongside his almost namesake De’Anthony Melton, Shake Milton has just chained three very big perfs, certainly against teams from the Bolivian fourth division but it doesn’t matter, the main thing was to respond present (and especially not to make Montrezl Harrell believe that he was the leader of this team). Scoring, playmaking, address, consistency, which the people demand, apart from recovering three holders of course. Meanwhile Philly continues and remains in the Top 6 in the East, thanks to the biggest offensive outing of their season.

We sometimes fire red balls and rightly on a team that lacks character, whose coach is struggling to get cards out of his sleeve, but the Milton card, in any case, has its little effect and allows you to see it coming while waiting for the return of executives.

A few highlights for the road, a few applauses for Shake, pointing out that we just finished this brief on Shake Milton without writing the word booty. Like what, with age comes wisdom.

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