She protects her child by fending off a puma with her fists

A mother’s instinct and the fists of a California woman enabled her to save her five-year-old from the clutches of a puma, reports The Guardian.

On Thursday, the young boy was playing near his home in the town of Calabasas when the 30-kilogram animal attacked him and dragged him a distance of more than 40 meters, in front of the family residence.

His mother, who was inside the house, heard her son’s screams and rushed to his rescue.

The mother managed to push the puma away by hitting it with her bare hands.

The child’s parents then took the child to hospital where he required treatment for serious injuries to his head and upper body.

Fortunately, he made it out unharmed and now rests in stable condition.

In the meantime, authorities were called to the scene of the incident where they discovered the animal crouching in the bushes. The puma was killed on the spot due to its aggressive behavior.


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