She went to take him lunch to work and found him with a colleague: “Don’t misunderstand things”

Infidelities are one of the worst betrayals in any relationship, especially in a couple. A tiktoker lived the disappointment of her life when she wanted to have a romantic gesture with her boyfriend: He took the food to his work to surprise him and make him happy. However, he never imagined that while she cared for the well-being of her crush, he was cheating on her with one of her co-workers.

Cristina shared a video of the situation through her account @ meidycristina1999, which actually lasts a few seconds, but that was enough to arouse the interest of the virtual community. Immediately, The clip went viral and received the support of thousands of users who felt sorry for her and gave her their best advice..

She brought food to her boyfriend and was met with a terrible surprise

The woman, originally from Caracas, Venezuela, woke up one day with the motivation to have a nice detail with her boyfriend, so she prepared his favorite food and went to his work space to surprise him. Arriving, found him hugging a co-worker and left the site at full speed: both with food and with a broken heart and an immense desire not to have seen that scene.

According to what can be seen in the recording, her partner noticed immediately and wanted to stop her by arguing that nothing was what it seemed, a phrase to apologize for his attitude. But she ignored it and returned, in tears, to the place where she had made him food with all her love. “I’m going to bring lunch to my boyfriend, what could be wrong?”was the text with which he accompanied his video, after realizing the unexpected scene he encountered.

Seeing that all was lost, The subject sent him messages on WhatsApp to try to explain what had supposedly happened. In the same video, Cristina shared a screenshot of the messages and missed calls from him, to which she did not respond: “Love, wait, things are not like that, let’s talk”is read in the conversation.

A woman discovered her boyfriend with a co-worker and it went viral

The man tried to convince her that the woman she had seen him with was a colleague who was going through a difficult emotional situation and that was the reason why he had hugged her: “Don’t misunderstand things, she is a colleague from work, I was hugging her because she is going through a difficult time”I beg you.

What most outraged the users of this social network was that At the end of the conversation, where he begged her to forgive him, he told her: “But bring the food.” This phrase was severely criticized because it was classified as an act of cynicism and with which the man showed that he cared more about his lunch than his partner’s feelings, according to the perceptions of his followers.

You would have told her: let your partner cook you the one you were hugging because she was going through difficult times.”“And he still has the courage to ask for food”, were some of the most prominent comments within the publication.

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