“Shenzhen vs Henan: Chinese Super League Match Report and Analysis”

2023-04-30 11:55:00

Original title: Chinese Super League-Feng Boyuan scored Pei Shuai’s explosive shot to tie 10 players Henan 1-1 Shenzhen still missed the first victory

According to news on April 30, Beijing time, the fourth round of the Chinese Super League continued, and the Shenzhen team ushered in the challenge of the Henan team at home. In the first half, Achim Peng lost two single-handed goals. Dili Murati staged a goal line clearance. In the second half, Feng Boyuan broke the deadlock. A draw with the Henan team.

The Shenzhen team seemed to start off a bit high and low. After they won the newly promoted team in the first round, they lost all the next two games, while the Henan team was in even worse shape. They were defeated by Nantong Zhiyun in the last round. With one win, the Shenzhen team is only 1 point more than the Henan team in the standings. No matter which team wins this game, it can rewrite its position in the ranking.

In the 9th minute after the start of the game, the Shenzhen team played a quick counterattack. Achim Peng singled out Dili Murati. Guoming saved the bottom line; in the 12th minute, the Shenzhen team played a quick counterattack again. Alessandrini sent a lob ball from the backcourt. confiscated;

In the 17th minute, the Henan team won a free kick in the 30-meter area in the middle. Wang Shangyuan directly chose to volley vigorously, and the ball missed the left post of the goal slightly. Nodding the ball to hang the goal, Dili Murati cleared the ball at the goal line; in the 28th minute, Alessandrini made a low pass from the right, and Achim Peng leaned on the defender to return the ball. Delini’s strong shot against the ball was saved by Wang Guoming sideways to the bottom line;

In the 42nd minute, Li Ning counter-stealed the ball in the front court, took the ball to the front of the penalty area on the left side and kicked a low shot wide of the goal; the first half ended, Shenzhen team temporarily 0-0 Henan team;

Changed sides to fight again. In the 48th minute, Kovic sent a precise oblique ball from the midfielder. Adrian inserted it at high speed to form a single shot. Dong Chunyu saved the left-footed shot in the penalty area. In the 49th minute, Adrian drove out In the corner kick, Kovic headed the ball from the middle and then slammed into the goal. Feng Boyuan scored from the back and the Henan team led Shenzhen 1-0. In the 54th minute, Jiang Zhipeng took the corner kick on the right and spun the ball directly to the goal again. Wang Guoming flew the ball hold out the bottom line;

In the 64th minute, Zhong Yihao cut in from the left and made a pass. Adrian headed the ball and went over the crossbar. In the 65th minute, Pei Shuai sent a straight pass from the front of the penalty area on the right side. 3 people defended a low shot from the left foot and was blocked from the bottom line; in the 68th minute, Huang Zichang made a pass from the right, and Kovic shot from the penalty area and flew out of the bottom line;

In the 77th minute, Pina stepped on the opponent’s ankle while defending Xu Yue in the midfield. The referee showed a yellow card. Pina was sent off after two yellows turned into one red. Then VAR intervened. The referee decided that Pina was a serious foul, canceled the yellow card and showed it directly A red card sent him off the field; in the 89th minute, Alessandrini took a corner kick, and Pei Shuai stopped the ball and shot the goal. The Shenzhen team equalized the score 1-1; in the first minute of stoppage time, Alessandrini was inside the penalty area The breakthrough was knocked down by Wang Shangyuan, but the referee did not indicate that there was a foul. After VAR review, the referee insisted on the original verdict. In the end, the game ended and the Shenzhen team drew 1-1 with the Henan team. (DD)

Shenzhen team starting: 22-Dong Chunyu, 4-Jiang Zhipeng (59′ 25-Mi Haolun), 13-Xu Haofeng (59′ 6-Pei Shuai), 26-Yuan Mincheng, 27-Yang Boyu, 28-Zhou Xin, 14-Li Ning (69′ 9-Shen Zigui), 19-Xu Yue, 21-Zhang Yuan (52′ 30-Huang Ruifeng), 7-Achim Peng, 10-Alessandrini;

Substitutes: 1-Wei Yanzhe, 11-Zhang Yuan, 20-Liu Yue, 33-Du Yuezheng, 34-Xia Hezati-Wujia Hemaiti, 37-Hu Jiajin, 39-Wang Chengkuai, 40-Lv Jiaqiang;

Henan team starting: 19-Wang Guoming, 3-Yang Shuai, 4-Luo Xin (85′ 24-Li Songyi), 23-Shunich, 33-Dili Murati (72′ 11-Ke Zhao), 6- Wang Shangyuan, 10-Adrian, 17-Pina, 21-Chen Keqiang (46′ 20-Covic), 8-Huang Zichang (85′ 16-Dili Yimiti), 9-Feng Boyuan (58′ 29-Zhong Yihao );

Substitutes: 13-Peng Peng, 5-Gu Cao, 26-Liu Jiahui, 14-Gao Tianyu, 25-Tang Xu, 28-Song Runtong, 32-Han Dong.Return to Sohu to see more


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