Sherine Reda shines in more than one appearance through her series “Work in the High” in Ramadan

Elaf: Actress Sherine Reda sparked controversy by embodying many characters in her series “Work in the High”, in which she starred in more than one different appearance. who also stole her money.
In the first episodes of the series, the artist appeared with long yellow hair and an attractive appearance accompanied by high heels, elegant clothes and a soft tone of voice, which enabled her to impersonate her first victim, Bayoumi Fouad, who played the role of a merchant in the fish market.

After that, the artist continued to shine in various appearances, including the brown abaya and the accompanying sexy popular look, which Sherine supplemented by applying glaring lipstick and chewing gum.

She also disguised the role of a fashion designer in a scam called “Warda”, in which she managed to defraud a well-known businessman, played by Nidal Al-Shafei, and an oriental block appeared characterized by long black hair and charming eyes.

Then she starred in a new appearance in one of her operations to take revenge on men, as she appeared with short black hair and a casual look in a nightclub to supervise a new story to eliminate the “women’s butcher”.

In another episode, Sherine embodied the character of Dr. Safaa to help her partner Jalila (Fifi Abdo) in defrauding a man, and the character was characterized by the sting in the letter R, in addition to embodying the role of the veiled bride’s aunt with a Levantine dialect in the next episode.

In her last operation, the artist tried to defraud the famous football player Mido, as she played the role of Sharifa Sharaf Al-Din, working for one of the Gulf satellite channels, and appeared with a black wig, glasses and busy clothes.

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