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June 13, 2022 19:36 PM


The 15-year-old Quan Hongchan set herself the goal of two championships for the upcoming swimming world championships

[Sina Sports News on the 13th]Last week, the Chinese diving team announced the roster for this year’s World Championships. As the Olympic champion, Quan Hongchan is about to usher in another “big test” of her own. Born in 2007, Quanhongchan set himself a goal before the competition – “two champions”!

The 17-member Chinese diving team includes six Olympic champions, Cao Yuan, Quan Hongchan, Chen Yuxi, Zhang Jiaqi, Ren Qian and Wang Zongyuan. Among them, 15-year-old Quan Hongchan will be participating in the World Championships for the first time.

In an interview, Quan Hongchan said that at present, there are no difficulties in the process of preparing for the World Championships, and she is more confident in her performance in the World Championships debut. When asked about the World Championship goals she set for herself, Quan Hongchan did not hesitate at all. She smiled and said, “Two champions!”

At last year’s Tokyo Olympics, Quan Hongchan, who was only 14 years old at the time, completed the “full grid” action with 5 jumps and 3 times in the final, winning the championship with a total score of 466.2 points and the highest score in the history of the women’s 10-meter platform competition.

The 19th FINA World Ice Swimming Championships is the highest-profile international event for the Chinese diving team after entering the Paris Olympic cycle. The World Swimming Championships will be held in Budapest from June 18 to July 3, and the diving competition will be held from June 26 to July 3. Up to now, the Chinese diving team has won 95 gold medals at the World Championships, and it is just around the corner to win the 100th gold medal in this event.

2022 World Swimming Championships Chinese Diving Team List

Women’s double 3-meter springboard: Chen Yiwen/Chang Yani

Women’s 10-meter platform: Quan Hongchan/Chen Yuxi

Men’s double three-meter springboard: Cao Yuan/Wang Zongyuan

Men’s double 10m platform: Yang Hao/Lian Junjie

Women’s single three-meter board: Chen Yiwen, Chang Yani

Women’s single 10m platform: Quan Hongchan, Chen Yuxi

Men’s single three-meter springboard: Cao Yuan, Wang Zongyuan

Men’s single 10m platform: Yang Jian, Yang Hao

Men’s 1-meter springboard: Wang Zongyuan, Zheng Jiuyuan

Women’s 1m springboard: Lin Shan, Li Yajie

Mixed Double Springboard: Zhu Zifeng/Lin Shan

Mixed double platform: Ren Qian/Duan Yu

Mixed all-around: Zhang Jiaqi/Bai Yuming

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