Shocking Discovery: Woman Finds Parasitic Infection on Her Legs after Beach Vacation

2023-06-29 04:08:00

▲The woman accidentally discovered that the rash on her legs was caused by parasites. (Picture / flip from TikTok / doscabraslocas)

Reporter Li Zhenhui / Comprehensive report

Marystella Gomez, a 27-year-old woman from Colombia, found many red spots on her legs suddenly after she went to the seaside for vacation. She thought it was just a common skin allergy, but after a few days, the red spots grew bigger and turned into a severe rash. After seeing a doctor, she accidentally discovered that the rash on her leg turned out to be a parasitic infection, which had laid a large number of eggs on her leg.

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Gomez from Bogota said on TikTok that she was on vacation with her family in Coveñas for a week before, but after going to the beach, she suddenly developed many red spots and rashes on her legs. It was serious, so I went to the emergency room for medical treatment. The doctor thought it might be an allergic reaction or infection, but the real reason was more terrible than they thought.

Gomez said, “Because it’s very itchy, I often scratch my legs, but the strange thing is that I only want to scratch it at night. After going to the doctor, although the doctor prescribed medicine, it didn’t help at all after rubbing it. , the legs were getting worse and I made another dermatologist appointment a few days later and was told I had parasites on my legs.”

The doctor told Gomez that the leg problem was actually Cutaneous larva migrans caused by hookworm eggs. Because the parasite larvae burrowed into the skin and crawled, it caused redness, swelling and itching.

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Gomez said, “Many owners let their pets defecate on the beach, and as a result, someone accidentally steps on or touches it, and the parasite enters the body. The reason why it is particularly itchy at night is because parasites usually lay eggs at night.” Fortunately, after taking the anthelmintic, the symptoms have been gradually relieved.

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