Streamlined Medical Treatment and Telemedicine Services: Connecting Hospitals and Health Wallet Applications

2023-06-29 06:27:00

Direct disbursement through the application For receiving medical treatment at a medical facility (Onsite) and receiving telemedicine services. (Telemedicine) Hospitals must develop their service system to connect data with health bags on wallet applications in accordance with the guidelines set by the Comptroller General’s Department. Coordinate with Krung Thai Bank To assess the readiness of the information system of the hospital and connect the system to the health bag on the wallet application first. when completed Notify the Comptroller General’s Department in order to publicize it to the government agencies and those who have the right to know through the website.

Ms. Kulaya added that for receiving telemedicine services (Telemedicine) Eligible persons and family members must first be evaluated by a medical practitioner under the following conditions:

1. Patients are voluntary and ready to receive telemedicine services.

2. Be an old patient of a hospital that has continuous follow-up.

3. Patients must have stable symptoms and have good disease control.

4. Not an emergency patient

5. Other cases as specified by the Comptroller General’s Department On the appointment date for telemedicine services, the eligible person and their family members must confirm the transaction through the health wallet on the wallet application. before receiving telemedicine services (Check-in) and after receiving telemedicine services (Check-out) every time. can through the website of the Comptroller General’s Department topic Medical treatment/knowledgeable information about medical expenses

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