Shocking Overcharging by Italian Restaurants: The Truth Behind Outrageous Cake Cutting Prices

2023-09-19 13:05:47

There have been reports of cafes and restaurants overcharging for even small services. A similar story is coming out of Italy. A restaurant in Italy charged a man €15 (about Rs. 1,331) for cutting an outsourced cake for his guests.

Fabio Bregolato shared his experience on social media. Fabio came to the restaurant to celebrate his birthday with his loved ones. Since there is no cake in the menu here, he bought the birthday cake from outside. But Fabio and his friends were literally stunned when they finally got the bill. Fabio also shared a photo of Bill.

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“There were ten of us in total. Their service and food were all good. But we were charged 15 euros for cutting an imported cake there. I have yet to see any place that charges extra for cutting a cake”, noted Fabio.

He said that he had informed the restaurant in advance that he would be bringing the cake and was given permission to bring it. “There was no cake. But they also said that we can bring the cake from outside”, explained Fabio. Many people are commenting below the post saying that the fee charged by Fabiok for bringing the cake is extortionate.

Meanwhile, in response to Fabio’s post, restaurant officials also took to the scene. “We have clearly mentioned the charge in the bill. That includes taxes. It’s a service, and so is the cost”, commented the restaurant spokesperson. They added that Fabio’s claim that he had informed the restaurant in advance about the store-bought cake was false. The restaurant authorities said that they are not responsible for a product that is not served from their restaurant. Officials said that the cake brought from outside was very thin and was cut by an employee of their restaurant itself. It was a big challenge. Since it is a thin cake, it was a no-brainer to cut the cake into ten pieces and all this was done to ensure a good customer experience, the restaurant officials said.

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