Shoot, throw, shoot, throw!! Nunez ranks #1 in the league for most missed players.

Darwin Nunez, strikerLiverpool The No. 1 player has missed the Premier League’s most golden chances with 15, followed by Reds team-mate Mohamed Salah on 12.

The official website of the Premier League Football Battle Open the ranking of players who have missed the most important opportunities in the Premier League this season by Darwin Nunez striker fromLiverpoolTake it as number 1 after missing a golden opportunity 15 times.

This season, Nunez has made 13 Premier League appearances, scoring five goals. The referee should be able to add more scores. But unfortunately missed many times. until being criticized by football fans for their sharpness that should have been done better Compared to the most expensive fee, a club record, 85 million pounds.

The second part is Mohamed Salah Another shooting star from the Reds camp and Ivan Tony Brentford striker who missed the golden opportunity 12 times as well, ranked 4th Gabriel Jesus From Arsenal 11 times and ranked 5th Erling Haaland from Manchester City 10 times

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