Shopee publishes an X-ray of consumption in Brazil

2023-05-24 17:51:36

From north to south of Brazil: discover Shopee’s best-selling products

Marketplace Shopee, publishes a map with the categories and items that stand out the most in each state in relation to the average participation in the country; items such as smart watches, loafers, motorcycle accessories and headphones are among the most sought after products by Brazilians

In a country with continental dimensions like Brazil, the region where consumers live can generate interest in products from different segments, as well as impact consumption habits. A Shopee, an e-commerce platform that connects sellers, brands and consumers, sought to understand the regional behavior of users and mapped the categories and items that have stood out from the north to the south of the country. The comparison was made in relation to the national average, taking into account the products that were on the rise in each state, between January and April 2023, resulting in a list of best-selling products in each region of the country.

North to South Technology

Technology items are among the most desired by consumers in the vast majority of states. In the north of the country, headphones with a microphone are the best sellers in Amapá and Pará, and the Walkie Talkie appears as the main choice in Acre and Rondônia.

On the map, it is possible to observe that the product is also the most sold in Mato Grosso.

Still in technology and accessories, in southeastern Brazil, the TV stand is the cariocas’ favorite, while in Espírito Santo it’s the locks that mend the wires, that is, very practical items for everyday life at home. In Rio Grande do Sul, security camera is the best selling item.

No lifting of best-selling products by region – held in September 2022, the category was also highlighted in most states. With items such as drones (Acre, Maranhão, Mato Grosso, Rondônia and Tocantins) and the most sporty digital watches (Paraíba, Alagoas, Pernambuco, Roraima and Sergipe) and smart ones (Ceará, Amazonas, Piauí and Rio Grande do Norte).

Fashion: the darling of Brazilians at Shopee,

Of the nine states in the Northeast region, six have products in the fashion category among the top sellers. In Bahia and Pernambuco, men’s dress shoes (oxford model) are the preferred item, while in Alagoas, men’s moccasins are preferred.

In the Midwest, fashion products also lead in two states. The female black boot is the most sold in Goiás. In the Southeast, the category stands out in Minas Gerais: men’s jeans are number one in Minas Gerais.

Last year, the category was also the favorite in some states, in Bahia the lacing sandal was a success, while in Espírito Santo the chosen one was the “delicate heel” or “block heel”. In Minas Gerais, on the other hand, consumers are more comfortable: the biggest interest is in flip-flops.


In addition to fashion and technology, lifestyle items are also highly sought after on the platform in some states. In São Paulo, for example, the best-selling item is the biodegradable pet newspaper, which reinforces that pet care is a priority for people from São Paulo.

In Santa Catarina, the essence for electric air fresheners and humidifiers is the number one product on the list. In Mato Grosso do Sul, the female motorcycle helmet is the best-selling item.

Here’s a list of Shopee’s best-selling items by region and state:

On the

Paraná – Powdered Milk
Santa Catarina – Essence for electric air freshener and humidifier
Rio Grande do Sul – Security camera with wifi


São Paulo – Newspaper for pets
Rio de Janeiro – Support for TV
Espírito Santo – Fixation locks that mend the wires
Minas Gerais – Men’s jeans


Acre – Walkie Talkies
Amapá – Headset with microphone
Amazon – Sports digital watch
Pará – Headset with microphone
Rondônia – Walkie Talkies
Roraima – Sports digital watch
Tocantins – Lantern

North East

Alagoas – Men’s Loafers
Bahia – Men’s dress shoes (Oxford)
Ceara – USB audio decoder
Maranhão – Sports digital watch
Paraíba – Motorcycle parts
Pernambuco – Men’s dress shoes (Oxford)
Piauí – Sports digital watch
Rio Grande do Norte – Sports digital watch
Sergipe – USB audio decoder


Federal District – Smartwatch Movie
Goiás – Women’s black boots
Mato Grosso – Walkie Talkies
Mato Grosso do Sul – Female motorcycle helmet

About to Shopee

Shopee is a global eCommerce platform that connects shoppers, brands and sellers, empowering anyone to buy and sell anywhere, anytime. Marketplace offers an easy, secure and engaging experience that is enjoyed by millions of people daily.

In addition, Shopee offers a wide range of products from Brazilian and international sellers, supported by integrated payments and logistics, being a major contributor to the region’s digital economy, with a firm commitment to helping local brands and entrepreneurs succeed in the e-commerce.

First launched in Southeast Asia and Taiwan in 2015, Shopee started operations in Brazil in 2019 with local staff and an office in the city of São Paulo. The company is part of Sea Limited (NYSE: SE), a global consumer internet leader whose mission is to improve the lives of consumers and small businesses with technology through its three core businesses: Shopee, Garena and SeaMoney.

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