Shopping will be faster in the future: banks are changing the limit at the supermarket checkout

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The function is free of charge. It is important that you keep an eye on your finances. If you make contactless payments with a Girocard, you should go through your transfers more regularly. Always ask yourself the question: Are the bookings conclusive?

If you pay contactlessly via smartphone or smartwatch, you will usually receive an automatic notification on your device. So you can quickly check whether the transaction is correct.

Because you will soon no longer need a PIN when paying at the supermarket till up to 50 euros, you may forget the four numbers over time.

But be careful! According to the police, it is especially important that you do not keep the four-digit number with the card. Write the number down, but keep the note in a safe place at home, separate from the card.

You should also NOT write the number on the card. Criminals could do a lot of damage if they were stolen and looted their bank accounts.

So it is better to always have the number on your head.


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