Shoulder exercise by Joseph Baena that you can skip

    That Joseph Baena is a regular on our website is obvious, we have published many of his exercises, but this time the son of Arnold Schwarzenegger appears doing a shoulder exercise that, honestly, you can save on your training. These are the machine lateral raises for deltoids. Why? Because there are better and much more effective movements to define and strengthen your middle shoulder, such as dumbbell lateral raises. (The training of Joseph Baena, the son of Schwarzenegger).

    Joseph Baena’s shoulder exercise that you can skip

    Regardless of the convenience or not of this machine for your joints, we would see this exercise well as a finisher, but if it is about working the middle deltoids, we always prefer lateral raises with dumbbells.

    How to do machine lateral raises correctly

    Initial position: sit on the machine, bend your arms supporting them on the sides of the body and the lever, in order to make the correct grip.

    Execution: To do the lift, bring both arms up, elbows bent and out. The elevation should be until your arms are horizontal. Then slowly lower yourself back to the starting position.

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