Signs of the Hour .. A Saudi student is pregnant from her teacher!? Surprisingly, how did this happen? (crazy details)

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In an incident stranger than fiction, it occurred in the city of Dammam, Saudi Arabia, about a beautiful and attractive girl in a secondary school in the Dammam region, which made her teacher turn her attention to her and desire her in an abnormal way, and pursue her and distinguish her from all students, amid the student’s innocence and lack of understanding of her teacher’s intentions, as she exchanged looks with her And with the days, things developed between them very quickly and remarkably, and the girl was not at that time thinking correctly because of her young age and ignorance of life matters, unlike the teacher who knew exactly what she wanted from this girl and planned it well.

And the closeness between them began to increase every day, and the teacher told the girl that she had become a part of her life and that she could not stay away from her, and the student did not take a decisive decision towards the teacher, and this prompted the teacher to get closer to her more to start touching hands, to later develop into lightning and quick kisses, Until a perfect relationship took place between them.

But the shock occurred after the girl suffered from fatigue, exhaustion, constant vomiting and dizziness, which aroused the suspicion of the mother until I took her to do the necessary tests to be surprised by the results and analyzes that the girl was pregnant. The mother was shocked, especially since her daughter did not leave her sight and did not go out alone, and she was with her all the time.

Then the mother began to interrogate her daughter about the reality of this pregnancy, and who is the father of the child, and how and when, and the girl was shocked and took the girl to defend herself because she was confident in herself that she did not do evil with any young man, and she remained insistent on her position, which prompted the mother to tell the father about the matter, In the end, the girl admitted that the only relationship she had with her teacher was about seven months ago, and she told them her whole story with her, but the parents did not believe this story, which they thought was trying to cover up the real culprit, but the girl insisted on her words.

What prompted the parents to take their daughter to the police, perhaps she was afraid and confessed to them, but she remained on her words, and the teacher was summoned, and under pressure and threats, she confessed her relationship with the girl, but the officer suspected that the teacher’s husband might be involved in the story and cover him up, but the teacher categorically denied the involvement of her husband In the story, the husband was summoned and confirmed his innocence of this act and confirmed that he did not know the girl, and this was also confirmed by the girl.

After investigations, and a DNA test for the fetus, the results showed that the husband is the father of the fetus, but the husband confirmed that he was a representative of the work during the period in which the girl became pregnant, with a colleague at work, and the matter was confirmed, and his words were proven correct.

But after investigations, examinations and all procedures, it was found that sexual intercourse took place between the teacher and her husband before school. The husband pushed to divorce his wife, tied the knot with the girl, and divorced her on the second day, officially attributing to him the fetus in her womb.

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