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This cable is mainly used for charging smartphones. The coloring is only black and white, and if you carry a lot of them, you often lose track of which one is which.

USB Type-A, Type-C, Lightning, etc. If you want to give your cable a unique personality so that you can easily understand what it is used for, here are the items we recommend! It is “Matte color silicon cable” on sale from Owltech.

Available in four colors: ash blue, olive green, sand beige, and wine red. It features not only calm and elegant colors, but also a silky touch and smooth texture. It has passed the bending test of 30,000 times, and the durability is perfect.

↑From the left, sand beige, olive green, ash blue, wine red

Cable variations and tax-included prices are USB Type-A to Lightning (OWL-CBSAL) 2880 yen (1m) / 3380 yen (2m), USB Type-C to Lightning (OWL-CBSCL) 2880 yen (1m), USB Type-A to Type-C (OWL-CBSAC) is 1780 yen (1m) / 1980 yen (2m), USB Type-C to Type-C (OWL-CBSCC) is 2080 yen (1m) / 2380 yen (2m) ).

Digital accessories, which are mostly black and white, can be filled with unique colors that allow you to express your own personality.

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