Singer Young-Nam Cho and tenor Cheol-Ho Lim sang ‘Delailah’ duet enthusiastically

Singer Young-Nam Cho and tenor Cheol-Ho Lim’s ‘Delailah’ duet. Photo = Reporter Kang Do-young

(Seoul = International News) Correspondent Kang Do-young = At ​​5 pm on Saturdays and Sundays, the ‘Busking Concert with paintings of Hwasu Jo Young-nam’ was held at an outdoor performance hall in a Spanish village located in Ganghwa.

While ‘Dillaila’ by painter Young-nam Jo was ringing the Plaza of the Spanish Village in Ganghwa, the voice of another person who suddenly appeared from verse 2 was accompanied by a famous scene of listening to the ‘Dillaila’ duet.

‘Delailah’, which became a duet song with tenor Lim Cheol-ho, who was invited as a guest, received great cheers with the enthusiasm of the two.

After the ‘Busking Concert’, the exhibition will be held at the Spanish Village Exhibition Center from July 9 to 17, and on the last day, a meeting time with the artist and an autograph session will be held.

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