Single father went to see the eyes, just saw the other person’s face pale

Everyone has experienced embarrassing situations at some point in their life. A man surnamed Chen living in Jiangsu province, China, fell into such a situation when he went to see his eyes.

According to Sohu News, Mr. Tran once had a wife but got divorced, then became a single father, raising his young son alone. Although his economic conditions are quite good, Mr. Tran always feels guilty and loves his son when he cannot give him a complete family.

When his son was in primary school, Mr. Tran decided to have an eye exam to find a suitable partner, with the aim of remarrying. With the help of a dating agency, Mr. Tran was introduced to a woman who was also single.

However, Mr. Tran could not have predicted what would happen next.

According to the time and place given by the matchmaking company, Mr. Tran went to the cafe and saw his target audience waiting there.

Looking from afar behind, Mr. Tran saw that this figure was a bit familiar, but could not immediately recognize who it was. When he approached and was about to sit at the table, Mr. Tran turned pale when he realized the identity of the other party.

As it turned out, the object of Mr. Tran’s eyes was the homeroom teacher of his son’s class, Ms. Vuong. What’s even more embarrassing is that just a few days ago, Ms. Vuong called Mr. Tran to school to talk about his son’s education. Unexpectedly, just a few days later, the two met again in this special way.

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This very coincidence made both Mr. Tran and Ms. Vuong very embarrassed and confused. Both of them felt awkward, not knowing what to do.

For this reason, in addition to greeting politely and saying a few idle stories, most of the time during the date, both of them were just staring at their cell phones to hide their shyness.

After that, Mr. Tran and Ms. Vuong said goodbye to each other. At that time, Mr. Tran still thought that this sighting was considered a failure.

Unexpectedly, the next day, Ms. Vuong took the initiative to text Mr. Tran, hoping that the two could get to know each other. Seeing this, Mr. Tran immediately apologized for his actions the day before.

Since then, Mr. Tran and Ms. Vuong talked and confide in each other more, understood each other’s personalities and lives, became a couple and also planned to return to the same house.

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