Sinner suffocates a cramped Alcaraz

The Italian Jannik Sinner He managed to defeat the number 1 in the world, Carlos Alcarazin the semifinals of the Miami Open for 6(4)-7 6-4 6-2. In this way, he advances to the last match of the tournament after a really tough match that lasted 3 hours. And it is that this was predicted matched between two players who already maintain a rivalry that will last for many years. Carlitos did not have it easy from the beginning against an opponent who always pushes him to the limit. Sinner was physically unbeatable and tactically very focused, while the Murcian ended up physically handicapped by cramps. Although Alcaraz was more explosive in the early stages of the game, the Italian’s perseverance turned the game around. Now, he will see the faces with Daniil Medvedevin what means a reissue of the final of Rotterdamwhich fell on the side of the Russian.

The match began with a struggling Sinner on serve and making a few mistakes. But the Italian cleared up his doubts in his next tour of duty, against an Alcaraz who started out in the game but was threatened by his rival. Faced with an offensive Sinner who attacked his service and placed very deep balls, Carlitos gave up his serve. At this point, the Spaniard seemed a little lost in his scheme to recover the break, while Sinner’s confidence did not stop growing.

One word: show

With cold blood running through his veins, Alcaraz came back from a key game that could have sentenced the first set. However, the Murcian knew how to keep at bay the deep remains of his rival and the exchanges from one side of the track to the other. And the show began. Both players delighted those present with otherworldly exchanges: drop shots, falls, impossible angles and lots of electricity. That electricity that Alcaraz wasted to neutralize Sinner and get that necessary break to balance the game.

And not only that, but he showed off that aggressive and courageous tennis that characterizes him so much to overwhelm the Italian, who erred too much against a deep Alcaraz who broke his serve again. However, his serve didn’t help him at all and the Italian’s perseverance led the match to a tie-break, although it didn’t do him much good because Alcaraz ended up scoring the set.

Sinner was a rock before an Alcaraz that began to fade

At this point, the high level and equality of the party was verified time and time again. The second sleeve began with the Italian signing up for the first game to the rest. Carlitos continued without being at all fine at the service. But, as in the previous set, the Murcian managed to misalign his rival’s intelligent tennis to increase the intensity of his blows and force Sinner to miss. Break and 2 of a kind. The moment came when he could have outplayed Carlitos to serve and take the match, however, he did not take advantage of the opportunity. Who did it was Sinner who made a break with 0-40 and put the set in his pocket. Maximum equality on the scoreboard.

The third set began in a very good light for the Italian: his confidence was through the roof, while Carlitos’ morale was at rock bottom. He managed to break the Murcian serve proving to be a very hard rock to fight against. And the bad news for Alcaraz did not end there, because the dreaded cramps arrived. At this point in the match, the Spaniard had to suffer to stay in the game. He also couldn’t take advantage of Sinner’s second serves in a game in which he enjoyed a break point. But it is that the intensity of his rival was incredibly high, he did not let her breathe for a second, achieving a second break that sentenced the match. Sinner snatched the Sunshine Double from him and will fight for his first Masters 1000 against Medvedev.

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