Six Reasons to Stop the War on Nicotine: Progress towards Legalizing Harm-Reducing Alternatives in the Philippines

2023-07-01 06:25:00

in the Philippines Progress is being made to legalize less harmful alternative products. But it still has not been able to achieve widespread acceptance.

With that in mind, we have six reasons to support that. It’s time to stop slamming “nicotine” as a disease-causing agent.

Consumers want nicotine. but died from smoking
Of course, we shouldn’t encourage people to start using “nicotine,” but public health authorities shouldn’t ban smokers who want to switch to e-cigarettes and other alternatives, the UK’s National Health Service has shown. Opinion

“Although nicotine is an addictive substance in cigarettes, But nicotine itself is relatively harmless. because almost all of the dangers of smoking It comes from the thousands of chemicals in tobacco smoke. Most of which are toxic to the body.

If the product type substitution “Nicotine patches and gum” are not a problem, “E-cigarettes” should not be a problem either.

Royal College of Physicians of the United Kingdom Summed up the role of e-cigarette use as a tool in delivering nicotine to the body: “E-cigarettes meet several criteria for an ideal product to reduce the harms of tobacco. Although the delivery of nicotine from e-cigarettes depends on many factors. which may contain high amounts of nicotine But it doesn’t contain harmful ingredients like those found in cigarette smoke. [… ] “

Nicotine addiction is complex, so various “taboos” cannot be dealt with effectively.

nicotine causing the release of dopamine But nicotine isn’t the only reason many people fail to quit smoking. because otherwise All smokers who switch to nicotine patches should quit smoking immediately, which

A study published in 2015 inScience Journal Drug and Alcohol Dependence found

If there is no smoke Nicotine addiction is very low. that means Most e-smokers experience fewer addiction problems than real smokers.

reveals medical benefits of nicotine

Research in 1960 showed that Smokers are less likely to develop Parkinson’s disease than non-smokers. Later, a recent study suggested that nicotine caused a lower incidence of Parkinson’s disease in smokers. The research also found that “Men who do not smoke but use snus have a lower risk of Parkinson’s disease.”

misconceptions about nicotine There has been no progress in harm reduction for smokers.

Unfortunately, the general public’s perception of nicotine is still inaccurate. also misunderstood “Nicotine in cigarettes is a cancer-causing substance from smoking.” And even 80 percent of doctors mistake nicotine for cancer. These misunderstandings of society and experts have negative consequences. and made the fact that “E-cigarettes are less harmful than smoking” has not been published.

A recent review of 755 studies (reviews) on the general effects of e-cigarettes concluded that only 37 had “Meets exact scientific quality criteria.”

“Prohibitions” (maybe) don’t always work.
History suggests that bans or bans often don’t work. And that’s one of the most overlooked lessons, such as the alcohol ban in the United States. which is a complete failure. And even lead to increased alcohol consumption. Including the global war on drugs. This does not achieve the desired goals or even exacerbates the drug epidemic. It could therefore be concluded that the war on nicotine will have the same effect in the future.

Tobacco and tobacco-related diseases continue to be another challenge to humanity, and we need to deal with the “root” of these problems without prejudice. And this is why we all need to know that. “Nicotine is not our true enemy.”

Maria Chaplia: Research Manager for the Consumer Choice Center and co-author of the recent article “Six Reasons to Stop the War on Nicotine.”

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