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slight revaluation on January 1?

Minimum wage. After having been the subject of a strong revaluation last October, the minimum wage should increase from 0.5% to 0.6%, recommends a group of experts.

[Mis à jour le 30 novembre 2021 à 08h56] What will be the increase in the minimum wage January 1st 2022? In a report addressed to the social partners, the panel of economists consulted before each increase in the minimum wage recommends refraining from any additional boost. The automatic revaluation of the minimum wage should reach between 0.5% and 0.6% at the start of 2022. As a reminder, it benefits each year from a mechanical increase, assessed according to the inflation observed for the 20% of households at the lowest levels. income and half of the purchasing power gain of the basic hourly wage for workers and employees (SHBOE). “Inflation continued to increase slightly from August to October (+ 0.4% according to provisional figures) and could therefore lead to a slight increase in the minimum wage on January 1 if the trend continues” in November, the reference month for the calculation, experts say. Thus, “according to the provisional estimate, the automatic revaluation would be 0.5% to 0.6% on January 1,” they calculate.

Last October, the minimum wage was exceptionally increased by 2.2%, due to a price increase of more than 2% between November 2020 and August 2021. It was the first time since 2011 that an automatic increase occurred outside January 1st. Why does this group refuse to advocate any additional boost on January 1? “The current context of a very gradual and unstable exit from the Covid-19 crisis suggests prioritizing the consolidation of strong recent job creations over wage purchasing power gains,” they explain. Economists believe that any additional revaluation would weaken precarious jobs.

The Smic is the legal minimum wage that an employee must receive in France. An employee cannot therefore be remunerated below this threshold, but there are, however, exceptions with reductions in certain cases, such as employees under the age of 18 and apprentices. An employer who does not respect the legal minimum wage is liable to a fine of 1,500 euros and may be ordered to pay damages to his employee. He is currently reaching 1,589.47 euros gross monthly, on the basis of 35 hours.

What amount for the net minimum wage?

The amount of the monthly net minimum wage reached 1,231 euros, against 1,219 euros previously. As a reminder, the amount of the net minimum wage in recent years has amounted to:

Net minimum wage amount
Year Net monthly minimum wage amount
january 2016 1 143 euros
january 2017 1 149,07 euros
january 2018 1 174,93 euros
january 2019 1 204 euros
January 2020 1 219 euros
January 2021 1 231 euros

“The amount of the net minimum wage received by the employee depends on the company concerned and on certain contributions related to the sector of activity”, recalls the public service on its dedicated page.

The amount of the hourly minimum wage (gross) amounts to 10.25, against 10.15 euros in previously. As a reminder, the amount of the hourly minimum wage in recent years has been:

Hourly minimum wage (gross)
Year Hourly minimum wage (gross)
january 2016 9,67 euros
january 2017 9,76 euros
january 2018 9,88 euros
january 2019 10,03 euros
January 2020 10,15 euros
January 2021 10,25 euros

Each year, the amount of the minimum wage is reassessed. Il reaches 1,554.58 euros gross per month on the basis of 35 hours per week, against 1,539.42 euros previously. This increase is the result of both the trend in inflation and the rise in the wages of workers and employees. As an indication, here is the evolution of the amount of the minimum wage since 2010:

Evolution of the minimum wage since 2010
Year Hourly minimum wage (gross) Monthly minimum wage amount (gross)
january 2010 8,86 euros 1 343,77 euros
january 2011 9 euros 1 365 euros
december 2011 9,19 euros 1 393,82 euros
january 2012 9,22 euros 1 398,37 euros
July 2012 9,40 euros 1 425,67 euros
January 2013 9,43 euros 1 430,22 euros
January 2014 9,53 euros 1 445,38 euros
january 2015 9,61 euros 1 457,52 euros
january 2016 9,67 euros 1 466,62 euros
january 2017 9,76 euros 1 480,27 euros
january 2018 9,88 euros 1 498,47 euros
january 2019 10,03 euros 1 521,22 euros
january 2020 10,15 euros 1 539,42 euros
January 2021 10,25 euros 1 554, 58 euros

The annual minimum wage is 18,654 euros gross. The net annual amount stands at 14,772 euros this year.

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