Snapchat celebrity Hind Al-Qahtani showcases luxurious palace garden with a cost of 300,000 riyals

2023-07-10 14:31:04

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Snapchat celebrity Hind Al-Qahtani documented a video clip as she reviewed the latest developments in her palace garden, explaining the cost she paid in riyals.

Al-Qahtani said in the video: “Let me show you the latest developments. So far, I have cost about 300,000 riyals in Saudi riyals.”

Hind also documented another video clip while she was reviewing her garden after it finished, as she fortified it with verses from the Holy Qur’an after she said that the garden is all hers, then she read the verse: “And had it not been for when you entered your garden, you said, God willing, there is no power except with God. We are less than you in wealth and children Likewise, the verse: “Whenever Zakariyya entered the sanctuary to her, he found provision with her.” He said, “O Mary, how did you get this?” She said, “It is from the Prophet.” God is equal. Indeed, God provides sustenance for whomever He wills without reckoning.”

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