Sobchak in a black suit and crop top supported Bogomolov at the premiere in the theater

The couple went out together for the first time in months. The director dedicated a touching speech to Ksenia Sobchak.

Ksenia Sobchak. Photo: TV presenter’s social networks

Ksenia Sobchak used to being in the middle of things. She has been working on television for a long time and leads several projects. Ksenia is interviewing celebrities. Olga Buzova, Nastya Ivleeva, Mickey Rourke were frank with her.

She has recently attracted attention as well. Since she first went to Israel, where, according to rumors, she received citizenship, and then the blonde went on a business trip.

Over the past few weeks, Sobchak visited France and Cyprus. And the other day she went to her old apartment in St. Petersburg. But the day before, the TV presenter was again in Moscow. She supported her husband at the premiere at the theater. For several months they did not appear together in public. Bogomolov worked to open the Theater on Bronnaya, where repairs were underway.

For this occasion, Ksenia dressed in a black suit with wide trousers and a crop top. She emphasized her slimness. And the director chose to wear his casual look – jeans, a blue shirt and a jacket.

Ksenia Sobchak and Konstantin Bogomolov. Photo: social networks of the star

“Well, we are open now. And the first performance on the stage of the restored theater. And the premiere. These three years have been very, very eventful. And all three years she was there. Kseniya. She once sent me a photo – a reference of how the interior should look in the atmosphere, how its color scheme, its spirit should be decided.

Then it turned out that in the layers of plaster there was this color close to the final one. And so we moved on. She was endlessly helpful with advice and patience, arguments and ideas. That’s really the gray cardinal. However, not gray – brilliant. Thank you wife. Sick, worried, supportive and strict, ”Bogomolov wrote on the social network.

Fans were happy to see the spouses. Many noted that Sobchak shines next to her lover. The couple received many compliments. By the way, the mother of the TV presenter Lyudmila Narusova also came to the theater. She also looked elegant on such an evening.

Konstantin Bogomolov and Lyudmila Narusova. Photo: social networks of the star

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