Social conference: what the CFDT wants to push

2023-09-22 18:08:58

Published on September 22, 2023 at 8:08 p.m.

Everyone has their own struggles. After Sophie Binet of the CGT on Thursday, it was the turn of Marylise Léon, this Friday, to make her first appearance at a press conference. This was intended to present the new CFDT operation “outside the walls” “Answers to take away”. From September 26 to 28 at 420 meeting points, activists will be there to respond to employees’ demands. She took the opportunity to also highlight union action on the ground, defending a “combative and responsible CFDT”

Highlight union action on the ground

Her CGT counterpart spoke more about industry, Marylise Léon about service activities; a contrast reflecting the differences in culture and location of the two union organizations. She also welcomed the “CFDT health report” of which “the family is more and more numerous”, announcing “a dynamic [depuis la réforme des retraites qui] has not been denied this summer” and 60,000 additional members since January” compared to 40,000 for the CGT from which its organization took first place in 2018.

Laurent Berger’s replacement also returned to the social conference which will take place the week of October 16: “Even if its content is vague, it will be an opportunity to put all the subjects back on the table. » It is particularly pointed out the sector minimums which start below the minimum wage, taking the example of that of rubber where the grid is within a range of 60 euros. “The mission of the branch is to regulate, when you have that, it doesn’t regulate anything at all,” she denounced.

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Sanction bad students

The leader of the CFDT called for the establishment of conditionality of aid to sanction poor students, a point on which there is consensus among the unions. The central “wants to discuss the suspension of contribution exemptions” at the social conference, she insisted.

While some fear unconstitutionality, the trade unionist explained that she did not want a legal response but a “political” response. “When a decision is made, we can find legal and practical means,” she said. She also considered it “extremely useful to put aside aid which has not proven its effectiveness”, in this case the contribution reductions above 2.5 SMIC highlighted by the Guedj Ferracci report published this week.

“There’s just no prize pool”

The CFDT also calls for replacing the committee of experts on the minimum wage, which we know “in advance” that it will recommend a lack of support, with a commission on low wages in which the social partners would participate and which would deal with including issues such as part-time work. “Today the Minister of Labor is very opposed to it, which was not necessarily the case with the former Minister of Labor”, namely Elisabeth Borne…

Marylise Léon also returned to the current and future social negotiations: supplementary pensions and unemployment insurance, on which a second negotiation session took place on Friday afternoon, while the government wants to drain the two systems. “There is just no kitty,” insisted Yvan Ricordeau, in charge of the pensions file.

In both cases, “the government built the benefit of the pension reform on a trajectory of an unemployment rate of 5% […] it is his responsibility to set this objective but as a negotiator on the two regimes, we look at the employment situation today and in the short term [on est sur] stabilization at 7%,” explained number 2 of the CFDT.

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