Solntsev declared himself brother Buzova

Rustam Solntsev, a former participant in the Dom-2 project, declared himself the brother of singer Olga Buzova on Telegram.

As Solntsev noted, they have one eye slit with Buzova. “Some cheekbones, one drag on these eyes. One squint, one skill, one and the same desire to eat meat from a cauldron in the steppe with fresh onions and tomatoes. Everything is the same. So much in common. One zodiac sign. One shorts for two – zero. Only nipples and nothing else. Flat butts here and there. Here the ancestors did not fuss. Flat backs. Desire to perform in public. Here we are just like brothers, ”said Rustam Solntsev.

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Recall that Rustam Solntsev left Russia a few months ago. Now he lives in California.

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