Solvency of producers in a rice value chain in Ivory Coast

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This article analyzes the predictable factors of the solvency of small rice producers in a value chain in Côte d’Ivoire. Using a Probit regression carried out on data collected on a sample of 331 chain participants, the study shows that factors linked to producers, their environment and banking characteristics affect reimbursement rates. The study recommends the improvement of banking characteristics through the use of collection agencies, the installation of agricultural service SMEs, an online transplanting extension policy and the fixing of a purchase price for paddy rice. slightly competitive in agricultural contracts, to effectively combat cases of loan defaults.

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The value chain environment

Literature paper


1. Study Sampling

2. Choice of variables and analysis model

Choice of variables

The dependent variable

Independent variables

Analysis model

Results and discussions

1. The dependent variable

2. Descriptive statistics of explanatory variables

3. Factors affecting the creditworthiness of input credits in the CV

4. Effect of participant demographic and economic characteristics

5. Effect of plot characteristics

6. Effect of producer environment

7. Effect of banking characteristics


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Balanced and sustainable economic and social development relies, in its first stages, on solid agriculture. This involves the injection of capital, leading to a rise in agricultural credit (Brulé-Françoise et al., 2016). Agricultural credit is increasingly recognized as a powerful tool for lifting the rural poor out of absolute poverty. It plays a vital role in increasing agricultural productivity by creating productive assets. It also allows smallholders to invest in land improvement by adopting new agricultural technologies, such as high-yielding seeds and fertilizers, to increase their efficiency and income (Zeller and Sharma, 2000). According to an FAO report (2006), credit is an important tool that can directly smooth consumption and improve the well-being of the poor, thereby reducing their income vulnerability in the short term. This vulnerability is linked to the…

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Innocent Daniel Gniza, “Solvency of producers in a rice value chain in Côte d’Ivoire”, Rural economy387 | 2024, 33-48.

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Innocent Daniel Gniza, “Solvency of producers in a rice value chain in Côte d’Ivoire”, Rural economy [En ligne], 387 | January-March, posted online on 30 mars 2024consulted the 21 mars 2024. URL : DOI :

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