Son of Lucero reappears on social networks and causes tremendous uproar | News from El Salvador

The 19-year-old stole the limelight from his mother and was a sensation.

His enigmatic and reserved personality makes the interest in knowing about him latent. Especially after his younger sister is increasingly “letting go” in public view.

We are talking about José Manuel, the first-born son of Mexican singers, Lucero and Manuel Mijares.

The 19-year-old boy has captured the media attention after being seen in a funny video that his mother published on Instagram.

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Photo: Instagram

José Manuel and Luceritos. Photo taken from Hola magazine.

In the clip, he can be seen surrounded by his relatives, enjoying the Christmas celebrations.

And although José Manuel is not as effusive as his mother, the interpreter of “Electricidad”, the young man did his best to be part of Lucero’s occurrences.

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“I wish you a beautiful Christmas! With health, love, peace and well-being for you and your families ”, was the message that the“ I am your owner ”actress wrote in her cheerful publication.

The detail was well received by his more than 3 million followers. However, the curious attitude of José Manuel stole the show.

In the boomerang you can see that Lucero’s intention was to convey the joy and good vibes that exist in his family in their celebrations. But try as he might, José couldn’t be so effusive.

While everyone outlined a huge smile and waved their arms in celebration; José Manuel was still in the middle of the relaxation, and to integrate himself he only made the sign of love and peace.

“José Manuel represents me, ha, ha, ha”, “His reaction was: so they don’t say I didn’t do anything in the boomerang”, and “Ha, ha, ha in life I’m José”, were some of the reactions provoked by the young man.

In the video you can also see the youngest daughter of the singer, Lucerito. Likewise, his mother was also part of the family celebrations.


Photo: Instagram


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