Sony’s new console will be released on November 19 in France

Exclusive announcements, a price and a launch date: Sony unveiled, Wednesday, September 16, the last details concerning the PS5, its next game console. It will be marketed on November 19 in France and in Europe (12 in the States United and Japan), priced at 499 euros for the classic model. A “digital edition”, a version without a blu-ray disc player with which we can only play dematerialized and downloaded games, will be sold at 399 euros – which puts it at the same price as the PlayStation 4 when it was released.

The manufacturer also remains competitive against Microsoft, whose next consoles, the X Box Series X and the X Box Series S will be released on November 10, respectively for 499 and 299 euros.

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The technical specifications had already been presented at a previous conference by the Japanese manufacturer: an AMD Zen 2 processor, a home version of the AMD RDNA 2 graphics card supporting 8K (or 4K 120Hz), as well as an SSD hard drive of 825 gigabytes. Just like some accessories, such as the controller with a design upset since the previous generation.

The games that will be available

The battle for shelving as the holidays approach is also being played out on the catalogs of games offered. But both Microsoft and Sony have presented few exclusives available from the launch of the console.

The editor unveiled a sequence of Spiderman: Miles Morales, the next game in the license, developed by Insomniac and available at the launch of the console for 59 euros. First major exclusivity announced for the PS5 (and the Playstation 4), the title promises to be very similar to the game Spiderman released on Playstation 4, alternating combat and aerobatics, but without real revolution.

Another game available upon release: a remake of Demon’s Souls, originally released on PlayStation 3. The ancestor of Dark Souls, Bloodborne and other Ax is, like them, a dark, gothic role-playing game, oh so punitive, but oh so gratifying when, finally, one understands how to kill such an obstacle or bypass such an enemy. Developed by the American studio Bluepoint Games, it will be marketed at the launch of the console for 79 euros.

A reissue of Devil May Cry V, the action game from Capcom in which a demon drinks too much coffee and must eliminate other demons at a breakneck pace, or the titles Destruction All Stars and Sackboy A Big Adventures, all sold between 69 and 79 euros. A price significantly higher than on previous generations of Playstation.

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