Special Offers on iPhone 13 Pro Max at Jarir Bookstore – Get Discounts and Pay in Installments!

2023-06-04 16:01:20

There are special offers offered by Jarir iPhone 13 Pro Max, which is one of the most famous electronic stores in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the desire to buy the iPhone 13 phone increases by a large percentage by Saudi citizens, and this is because it is one of the most popular mobile phones in the Kingdom, which increased sales of this version of iPhone in a big way due to its excellent quality and ideal specifications that cannot be overlooked, and after the success of all previous series of iPhone phones, Jarir Bookstore offers special offers and discounts to buy the iPhone 13 series, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Jarir offers iPhone 13 Pro Max

Jarir Bookstore offers many discounts on iPhone 13 phones, with the following discounts:

The cost of the 128 GB version is 3079 Saudi riyals, and the phone can be ordered online and paid in three parts in one currency, each for 1092 Saudi riyals per month and a 12% discount.

Jarir offers the iPhone 13 version of 512 GB at a 10% discount at a price of 4299 riyals, with the ability to pay 1506 riyals in installments for three months, and the phone can be ordered on the Jarir website.

While the price of the iPhone 13 in the 256 GB version is available in Jarir at a price of 3.579 SAR with an exclusive discount of 10%, and it offers the ability to pay in installments through Tamara at an amount of 1,259.33 SAR in three consecutive payments.

Jarir offers iPhone 13 Pro Max, 512 GB version, at a price of 6199 riyals, which can be paid in three consecutive installments at a price of 2146 riyals per month.

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