Malayalam cinema has not explored me properly, only 25 percent has come out so far- Vinay Fort

2023-06-04 16:14:00

Actor Vinay Fort says that Malayalam cinema itself has not been used properly. In an interview to Red FM, Vinay Fort said that only 25 percent of the potential has been brought out so far and the remaining 75 percent should be used.

‘I feel that Malayalam cinema has not explored me properly, I feel terrible. Many people say this supplement is my fuel. I feel that I have not been used properly. Sometimes it may sound arrogant to say this.

All of us can only reach 25 percent of our potential. Now there is a 75 percent bed. It should be explored. I should be able to showcase all that, I should be able to showcase my entire talent through my characters, acting and art. After all this, as Chatwick Bosnan said, you should be able to say when you go up.

If I had turned down a film as a joke, there would have been many people to replace me. I am not an integral part of anything.

To be the lead in a film produced by Sameer Tahir, Shaiju Khalid, Chemban Vinod and Lijo Jose Pellissery is a lottery for me.

Fahadh is very close to Sameer Tahir and me. Fahad told me at that time that when he came to know that such a program is going on, let me call Sameer and even if it is a two-scene role in this film, I will act,’ Vinay said.

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