Spending the night with her ex-boyfriend…Vietnamese wife spent 7 million to get pregnant and gave birth to a DNA test. The dramatic process was revealed | International | CTWANT

2023-10-17 08:20:48

A Vietnamese wife accidentally spent the night with her ex-boyfriend and later unexpectedly became pregnant and gave birth to a baby boy. (Image/reproduced from photoAC)

A 31-year-old Vietnamese wife reunited with her ex-boyfriend and had an affair under the influence of drunkenness. Later, she found out that she was pregnant and successfully gave birth to a baby boy. However, she was quite panicked and worried that the biological father of the child was her ex-boyfriend. , anxious to test DNA to find the answer.

according to《docnhanh》According to reports, the wife is a supervisor of an imported cosmetics company in Hanoi. Although she knows that her husband loves her very much, he often forgets her birthday because of work. Two years ago, she had dinner with friends on her birthday and was very angry that her husband did not wish her well. On the contrary, her ex-boyfriend warmly invited her to the bar. Because her pride was hurt, she agreed to the invitation.

Unexpectedly, she got so drunk that she had physical contact with her ex-boyfriend. She later regretted betraying her husband, but the deal was done. She soon learned that she was pregnant and subsequently gave birth to a baby boy. However, she was worried that the child might not be her husband’s. After some thought, she decided to do a DNA test. In order to prevent her husband from finding out, she secretly took a hair sample of the child, and then took samples of her ex-boyfriend and husband. 7 million VND (approximately NT$9,000) for inspection.

The wife was worried that her son was not her husband’s, so she secretly tested her DNA. (Image/reproduced from photoAC)

The wife took three DNA tests back and forth. The first result came out, which was the matching result with her ex-boyfriend, which showed “no blood relationship.” But she couldn’t relax completely. When the result with her husband came out, it was confirmed that the two samples were related to each other. 99.99%, that is to say, the son is the husband’s flesh and blood.

The wife was extremely happy after receiving the results. During this period, she was full of uneasiness and tension. She was always worried that the child was not her husband’s, because the child was growing up day by day and seemed not to look like them. Now she could finally let go of her uneasiness and promise You must compensate and correct your impulses in order to maintain the happiness of your family.

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