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▲ Spiritual Time House masterpiece “Civilization 6” joined XGP. (Photo/provided by 2K)

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Reporter Lou Wanling / Report from Taipei

Spiritual Time House masterpiece “Civilization 6” announced to join Xbox Game Pass! Players who hold PC Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate can play the 20 civilizations in the main game on the PC platform. On the home console platform, players who hold Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate can play the other 7 civilizations. civilizations and 7 leaders, bringing the total number of playable civilizations to 27.

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In Civilization VI, players will be able to choose and lead different civilizations, each with their own leaders, abilities, and unique unit and infrastructure options. For example, players can lead the United States and send their troops into the air in the P-51 Mustang when the time comes. Players can also set up film studios to promote the culture of the people and attract talented people. If the player chooses to lead Egypt, they can deploy Egyptian chariot shooters to take advantage of the military earlier, or build the Sphinx to improve the culture and beliefs of the people.

No matter which civilization the player leads, they can rely on science, culture, religion, military power to win the game, or players can rely on progress scores in all four areas to win the game. Civilization ends before these types of victories are achieved. According to the official statement, as long as players link and bind 2K accounts, “Civilization Empire 6” also supports cross-platform archiving between PC and Xbox platforms, as well as cross-platform play between PC platforms.

In addition, the expansion pack and expansion content pack of “Civilization Empire 6” introduced new civilizations, new units, new buildings, new environmental disasters, new engineering plans, new diplomatic victory conditions, world conferences and more exciting content to the game, bringing Here comes more possibilities. In addition to the “Leader Pass” content that will be launched on the PC platform in March, other expansion packs and expansion content packs of “Civilization Empire 6” are now open for purchase. If players decide to purchase “Civilization Empire 6”, they will be able to keep the original Game progress in the Game Pass version.

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