spoiler, episode 2 should be much better than the first

If Cade Cunningham has been at the center of all the concerns of Pistons fans since his Draft and especially during this Media Day 2021, we could not help but focus on Killian Hayes day. Our Frenchie will start her sophomore season after a rookie campaign to say the least… complicated. As we approach the resumption, our national Kiki was able to talk about his progress made during the summer, his future association with Cade on the backcourt and his ambitions for this season and the future.

No vacation for Killian Hayes this summer

6.8 points, 5.3 assists and 2.7 rebounds. No, those were not the stats we were hoping for for our national Killian Hayes on his big debut last year. Especially when we know that the product of Cholet was drafted in 7th position and only shot 35.3% including an old 27.8% behind the line that would make Russell Westbrook jealous. His poor performances can nevertheless be partly excused by a complicated adaptation to the Rican game, a franchise more than wobbly with the stories of Blake Griffin and Derrick Rose as well as a hip injury which kept him away from the prosecution for three months in in the middle of the season and which only allowed him to play 26 small games over the entire season. The boy nevertheless knew how to progress meeting after meeting, and showed good sequences in defense or even in playmaking. However, Kiki is expected and he knows it. We expect him to make real progress on his overall game in order to confirm his expected crack status and silence the bad tongues already associating the nickname Hayes with the word. bust in the dictionary. Killer K did not rest on his few laurels at the end of the season and decided to work hard this summer to fully start his career and assume his role as a veteran of the Pistons locker room (lol). Efforts that have been praised in particular by his coach Dwane Casey who now sees him as “A different boy” who “Play with speed and rhythm”. At the end of the Summer League, our leader returned to France to work with his personal trainers and notably worked on his defense, an area in which he impressed last year.

A defensive crack?

Well, here is the defense, it was enough to evoke it to devote an entire part to it (it almost seems that the transition is made on purpose, incredible). The very identity of Detroit Basketball for decades has been built on defense, and Kiki is well on the way to continuing that good old tradition. Between the Bad Boys and le duo Reggie Jackson – Andre Drummond the champion team in 2004, all of the golden eras of basketball in Michigan were built in their own half of the field. Well aware of this, Hayes uses his 96 meter, 88 kilos and his wingspan of 2.03 m to already establish himself as a pit bull in the making in the NBA. Killian loves defense and defense loves Killian. Although Casey’s men were 26th last year in offensive efficiency, the 20 or so wins they’ve scratched were built on their defense which ranked 16th in the League. With Isaiah Stewart, Jerami Grant, Hamidou Diallo, Saddiq Bey and Josh Jackson alongside Kiki, the future of this generation in Detroit should once again be forged with strong passages, well-held chair positions and sharp teeth as possible. Franchise GM Troy Weaver is well aware of this too and is therefore largely dedicating his current and future recruiting to this aspect of the game.

Le duo Cunningham – Hayes

So yes, defending is all well and good, but it’s not enough, you also have to know how to attack. Even the 2004 team still needed a good mid-range feeling from Rip Hamilton or a 3-point from Chauncey Billups to win a game. Well the (probable) offensive maestro of the mechanics has just arrived in town and it is Cade Cunningham. The first pick is like Hayes a combo guard and their association can therefore raise questions. Cunningham nevertheless seems to be moving more towards a role like Luka Doncic of master to play while Killian could more put himself in the mold of a second ball handler in withdrawal when MotorCade is on the floor, but who holds the inflate when CC is on the bench, much like a Tyrese Haliburton in Sacramento behind De’Aaron Fox. Cade should thus be more in charge of the offensive tasks while KH will have the mission to stop the opposing positions 1-2-3 and let the pick 1 rest in defense. Although the future rookie did not say a word about his association with our Frenchie, the latter was full of praise for his new teammate, notably highlighting his mentality team first and their shared ability to play with or without inflates it. Coach Casey also seems intrigued by the barely 20-year-old duo and supports the idea of ​​having two boys able to hold the ball on the field together, as he did in Toronto with Lowry and DeRozan.

The Pistons champions and Killian MVP of the Finals? (hashtag lol)

Finally, we were treated to the good big myths based on “the team is ready and will play something this year although the workforce is young” and blah and blah. Bull poop as they say in Texas. We know that on each Media Day, the players and coaches will always say that they have ambitions and that they see themselves going far and that they will surprise everyone this year. We do not believe for a single moment to the Pistons both the workforce and young and inexperienced, but we always prefer to hear that rather than Doc Rivers who breaks Ben Simmons out of defeat. It is the logical order of things. In any case, Killian appears to be confident after his summer at work and lets it be known. With his new afro and his protruding shoulders, our Kiki appears as a new man and a much more mature player. His coach also thinks that this season should finally launch the career of his protégé and expects a progression in curve mode, which we hope will be exponential in order to ensure the future of our Frenchie in this franchise full of ‘to come up.

Killian Hayes Year 2 therefore raises a lot of questions. Will he be embarrassed again by his hip or other injuries? How will the Cunningham – Hayes duo work? Will the Pistons lose more or less than 70 games? We don’t have the answers to all of this yet, but what we can tell you is that Kiki seems downright confident in what he is going to offer us, and that we are just waiting for him to justify all this in the field in three weeks.

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