Sports Climbing and Lead World Cup: Aya Mori’s First Victory and Japan’s Dominance on the Podium

2023-09-24 13:18:00

The final round of the Sports Climbing and Lead World Cup was held in China, and in the women’s race, 20-year-old Aya Mori, who has been selected to be on the Paris Olympic team, won her first victory of the season and ranked 4th in the annual ranking, the top Japanese team. It has entered.

Lead sports climbing is an event in which climbers climb a wall in one attempt and compete to see how high they can climb within a time limit, and will compete for the overall results in two events, along with the “boulder” event, at next year’s Paris Olympics.

The final match of this season’s World Cup was held in China on the 24th, with four Japanese women advancing to the eight-player women’s final.

Mori, who won the gold medal in this event at the World Championships held last month and has been selected to be on the Paris Olympics team, showed off his unique finger strength to hold the hold, and while many competitors dropped out in the middle, he He climbed to the top of the wall and won his first win of the season.

Other Japanese athletes who placed were Natsuki Tanii in 3rd place, Futaba Ito in 5th place, and Moe Nonaka in 6th place.

Mori participated in three races in this season’s Reed World Cup, and achieved stable results with one win and two second places, and finished in fourth place, the top Japanese player in the annual rankings.

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The overall winner of this event was Jessica Pilz of Austria.

Men’s Anraku won 3 consecutive races and Japan dominated the podium

On the other hand, for the boys, 16-year-old Anraku Hiroto, who has won the overall World Cup championship in this event, won his third consecutive race.

Five Japanese athletes advanced to the eight-person men’s final, and Anraku, a high school student and silver medalist in this event at the world championships, climbed the mountain with ease and without hesitation, increasing the altitude at a good tempo.

Although he was not able to climb the wall all the way to the end, he made it to the top of the wall and gained a large lead over the other players, winning the World Cup for the third time in a row.

Also, the Japanese
▽Fumion Omata came in 2nd place
▽Honma Hiroharu took 3rd place and dominated the podium.
▽Yoshiyuki Ogata placed 4th,
▽Aoki Yurikusa came in 6th place.

At the World Cup, which he participated in this year, Anraku achieved the remarkable feat of winning the overall championship in both the boulder and lead events in the same season for the first time in history. This gave us momentum.

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