Sports Lawyer Ahmed Al-Sheikhi on Saudi Football Association’s Decision – Al-Ghanam, Maran, Hazazi, Salman Al-Faraj, and Nawaf Al-Aqidi Penalties Explained

2024-02-14 15:15:38

Al-Marsad newspaper: Sports lawyer Ahmed Al-Sheikhi commented on the decision of the Professionalism Committee of the Saudi Football Association to punish 6 players excluded from the national team.

Al-Ghanam, Maran, and Hazazi penalties

Al-Sheikhi said through his account on the Camp.

He added: “Legally, the person with authority here – who is the coach – explicitly (permitted) their behavior, and this approval denies their entitlement to punishment. Then, those three paragraphs punish (actions) only, such as refraining from attending conferences, being absent from training, or not performing in matches.” Applying these paragraphs to (sayings) is exceeding the scope of the text, expanding its interpretation, and a fundamental error in projecting it onto the incident.”

Salman Al-Faraj

Al-Sheikhi said that silence regarding a statement issued four months ago by Captain Salman Al-Faraj, “I did not tell you, do not summon me,” is a silence that expresses the satisfaction of the person with authority over that statement, and expresses his implicit will to ignore it, and this is not a personal conclusion, but rather it is… General legal principles that are not disputed, inside and outside the scope of sports law, and have been confirmed by several precedents that we have examined in FIFA and the CAS Court.

Nawaf Al-Aqidi

Al-Sheikhi pointed out that Nawaf Al-Aqidi’s punishment will be implemented locally only and cannot be circulated internationally, and therefore the player will be able to participate in Asia, and the only legal case for him not participating externally is the issuance of an internal decision against him by his club’s management, or a technical decision.

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