Do not ignore it.. 7 signs that you have liver cancer

Al-Marsad newspaper: Symptoms of liver cancer usually do not appear until it reaches its late stages, but regular check-ups are the key to survival.

7 signs that you may have liver cancer include:

Unusual pain and swelling in the abdomen: Most people with liver cancer experience pain and swelling in the upper right part of the abdomen, but in most cases pain in this area does not necessarily indicate liver cancer but may also come from hepatitis infection or gallbladder problems. or the pancreas.

2- Unexplained weight loss: Weight loss and loss of appetite are common symptoms for people who suffer from many different diseases, including a number of different cancers and viruses, so you should check with your doctor as soon as you notice this symptom.

3- Feeling full quickly: Excess fluid in the abdomen may make you feel full faster than usual, in addition to liver cancer that makes you always lose your appetite and problems with indigestion, belching and nausea, but it is also symptoms of many other non-cancerous conditions.

4- Changing bowel movements: Diarrhea is a common symptom of pancreatic cancer, and undigested food is not well absorbed and passes through the digestive system.

Yellow eyes or skin: Symptoms of jaundice may indicate liver cancer and is also a symptom of other types of cancer including pancreatic and gallbladder cancer, however, it can also be caused by noncancerous conditions such as viral infections (such as hepatitis A, a type from food poisoning), alcohol abuse, or other disorders, according to thehealthy website.

Hepatitis C infection: Certain characteristics may put you at risk of developing liver cancer, so those with a history of hepatitis C virus infection can develop associated liver cancer 10 years after their diagnosis.

7. Hepatitis B infection: Although hepatitis B has nothing to do with hepatitis C, it can also cause cancer, so anyone with hepatitis should have some kind of monitoring by a doctor and get ultrasounds. Ultrasound at least once a year to detect cancer.

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