Sports Observatory: Former Al-Ittihad Player Urges Team to Sign Leader in Defense for Club World Cup

2023-09-05 20:23:53

Sports Observatory: Hamad Al-Manthari, the former Al-Ittihad player, believes that his team needs to sign a leader in the heart of the defense, before the transfer window closes next Thursday.

Hamad Al-Manthari said in televised statements on SSC channel: “Al-Ittihad started the league in a distinguished way, but the fan of the club is not satisfied with the current state and form of the team; And he still needs more and more, especially in the heart of defense and very necessary.

He added, “It is difficult to rely on Ahmed Hegazy in the Club World Cup, and it will be a risk from the federation’s management. You do not know whether he will be fully ready or not, after his return from injury.”

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