Spot Shot: Political Analysis and Solutions for the Issues in Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley

2023-10-03 16:34:22

“Spot shot”

Political analyst Faisal Abdel Sater said, “Every time something happens in the Bekaa, there is shooting and casualties, and the continuation of things like this suggests that the region is doomed to this type of treatment, knowing that the perpetrators are present everywhere and it is not possible to open fire.” “Hezbollah is not a party to what is happening, but it is seeking to find some solution.”

In an interview via “Spot Shot” within the “Point of View” program, Abdel Sater called on the representatives of the Bekaa Valley to meet to discuss this issue, as the army checkpoint is located on an internal road linking the Lebanese regions, not like a border checkpoint or an international crossing.

As for the presidential issue, he stressed that “previously, the Shiite duo’s proposal was that our candidate is the head of the Marada Movement, Suleiman Franjieh, and let us engage in dialogue, but today, after the dialogue has closed, the equation has changed. We are faced with two extremist groups in whose opinion there is no possibility of dialogue between them, and the issue is no longer a question of a president or a person.” It has become a crisis of countries and a system. It is clear that America does not want a president in Lebanon and the Lebanese Forces, which are stubborn and arrogant on the internal scene, proceed from this position, and since the Free Patriotic Movement agrees with it on the idea of ​​rejecting Suleiman Franjieh for his own reasons, and when these two Christian poles converge on Obstruction negates the idea of ​​electing a president.”

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He added, “With our respect to the two opposing teams in Lebanon, neither of them will make any concessions, and even dialogue is useless between them. It may only break the intensity of the confrontation, as Hezbollah and the Amal Movement are regrouping behind Franjieh, and all the positions of the Shiite duo are achieved in coordination between them.”

He continued, “The party does not expect temptations from anyone. The idea of ​​bargaining is different from the idea of ​​settlement, and I support criticism if alternatives are presented. As for external mediation, it will not change the equation. Even Saudi Arabia’s temptations have diminished or ended, and the Lebanese forces are currently crying out from the scarcity of resources after the flow of donations to them stopped.” It relies for its financing on what it owns in foreign banks as a result of selling its weapons after the war.”

He added, “The candidate of the duo is Suleiman Franjieh. He is waiting for the external mediation movement to build on what it requires. If we reach a stage in which there is an impasse in consensus and elections, the party will return to consulting with the movement about the next steps. Franjieh is not an icon that cannot be touched, but for them he is the best that exists.” He has his reputation and relationships. Hezbollah is an internal choice par excellence because the external option may take us towards a founding conference.”

He expressed his fear of what the head of the Lebanese Forces is hiding behind the call for successive election sessions: “He may bring out an American rabbit that will lead to the election of a president with 65 votes who resembles Bashir Gemayel or his brother Amin, a president who does not resemble the parliamentary consensus obtained by the post-Taif presidents who were and the heads of government who came to power.” With imaginary numbers exceeding 100 votes.”

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He also revealed on the issue of displacement that “President Najib Mikati does not dare to confront the West and does not talk to them about the issue of the displaced, nor does his Foreign Minister Abdullah Bou Habib, who does not use his powers and does not employ his diplomatic relations in the service of this issue, in addition to the fact that Syria’s social and economic reality does not allow With the honorable return, all the data indicate that the issue of the displaced has become more complicated, and as long as the war in Syria continues, they will not return, chaos will cover up, and the displacement will increase, completing the conspiracy.”

He stressed that “the matter of the Lebanese Army’s operations to control the borders involves internal and American sources. The American wants to polish the image of Army Commander Joseph Aoun because he is its first candidate. As for Hezbollah, it has no candidate other than Franjieh and will take the appropriate decision if it is offered the nomination of Army Commander.”

Abdel Sater concluded by saying: “No one can continue without hope, but we have reached a stage where despair has become dominant, and this is part of the basic game that Lebanon is facing. This is a dangerous matter, especially since until today there is nothing happy in the Lebanese scene, but the results of the excavation “On oil, it may change the equation.”

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