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2024-04-16 21:06:17

telquist“ is not a band, but is actually a person named Sebastian Eggerbauer. He grew up in the east of Munich and studied in Regensburg. He was active as a bassist in various bands for a long time, and it was only in the summer of 2017 that he decided to go public with his first singles. Also in 2017 the debut album “strawberry fields“, which was still very inspired by reggea at the time.

Over time the music changed to indie guitars and electro-pop elements. The second album “was released in 2021wild haired“, numerous Spotify streams followed with hits like “Mojo” and he was allowed to contribute a song for Netflix. Now “Telquist” is going on a small tour again, including a tour stop in Chelsea in Vienna. So if you’re in the mood for catchy tunes from the neighboring country, you should come to Chelsea!

02.05.2024 / telquist im chelsea (fb-event) (tickets)

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