Stamp company launches affiliation program for digital entrepreneurs

2023-05-29 11:36:01

The online market has experienced exponential growth in recent years, driven by increased internet penetration in various segments of the population and the convenience offered by online shopping. According to studies by SmartHintglobal e-commerce sales in Brazil grew 785% in the first five months of the year 2022 and with signs of annual growth of 18% until 2025.

Among the main factors that are driving this growth, we highlight changes in consumer behavior, which has become increasingly adept at online shopping, the expansion of the number of products and services available on the internet and the growing competition between companies. to deliver more efficient and personalized shopping experiences. In addition, the increased use of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets has contributed to the growth of the online market, making shopping more accessible and convenient anytime, anywhere.

Faced with this scenario, companies have increasingly invested in technologies and digital platforms to strengthen their online presence and offer customers a more pleasant and practical shopping experience, which has been fundamental to the success of the online market.

Online market affiliate program

The affiliation program is a partnership that companies make with entrepreneurs who want to earn extra income or even live from e-commerce.

Aiming at this market, Carimbos Nykon launched last April a Nykon affiliate program with the aim of offering digital entrepreneurs extra income by selling stamps, of various types and models, online.

The main advantage of the program is to generate sales, without having to buy the physical product, as the sale is direct to the entrepreneur’s customer. By generating the link through the affiliation platform, the entrepreneur can view sales and commission amounts.

This tool was developed by Magafilio, a start-up from Rio do Sul, Santa Catarina. A cooperation between Nykon Stamps and Magafilio.

“It is a pilot project in line with the growth of the global electronics market”, comments Francielle Nunes, Director of Carimbos Nykon.

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