Star Academy Bonus: Etienne Carbonnier Deciphers Nikos’ Magic Trick and Analyzes the Latest Eliminations

2023-12-11 20:05:00

Like every Monday, Etienne Carbonnier returns to the Star Academy bonus. And like every Saturday, Nikos sold us dreams at the start of the evening, before trying his hand at a little magic trick. His number 1 strong point: furnishing when there are holes, but that was without counting on the eye of Etienne Carbonnier who deciphered his technique. The columnist returns to the elimination of Margot, the evening’s guest. And if last week Julien had somewhat missed his performance, it doesn’t seem to be much better for Axel this time. Otherwise, in the audience, we spotted Helena’s biggest fan. Finally, the students were treated to a short message from one of their favorite personalities.

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