Started “Airline’s Family Market”, the big fair for the people of the airlines.

“Airline’s Family Market” is a new fair. that creates a phenomenon of mergingThe grand opening of the airline’s shoplarge area on an area of ​​more than 5,000 square meters on the 2nd floor, zone M2, shopping centerThe Market Bangkok Ratchaprasong Because this event has a chic idea shop.from pilots, stewardess, stewardess from all airlines, more than 160 shops, whether homemade bakeries, restaurants, beverage shops Handmade products, clothes, bags, jewelry to home decoration

and famous shops of celebrity air conditionersLine like Mae Salong Croissant The famous croissant of the young pilotMahlor December, scented candle products NinkTural by NinK by Ning-Kulsatree, water hyacinth shop, innovative products, creative ideasCool from Captain Young’s Water HyacinthMarit Kachai, ZWILLING restaurant with a special menu from Chef Ploy-Nattanicha Boonlert from MasterChef Thailand Season 1 and MasterChef All Stars Thailand, a stylish clothing store of Nong Koi – Korakot Khuenkan, air hostess, female pilot and beautiful actress

Family Market

By opening the market for the first day, Friday, September 2, starting to be bustling. Both the shoppers who come to walk in the event and the merchants Different people come out to say hello and support.warm friendly traders and are completely satisfied Mr. Thanwa Champapha, Branding Director The Platinum Group Plc. and event sponsor, Mr. Suthee Lowsophonkul, Advisor to the President and Chief Executive Officer, CIMB Thai Bank Public Company Limited, Mr. Pricha Niljeansakul, Managing Director of PPP Asian Corporation Company Limited (Headquarters), Ms. Kalyanee Pattanakitcharoenkarn ZWILLING Business Manager, Mr. Walaithip Suetrongmongkhon Director of Corporate Communications Heritage Group, Ms. Nutkasem Buathongsri Senior Business Partnerships Development Manager LOVEiS ENTERTAINMENT Contribute to the proceeds from all donations.all without deduction of expenses in the amount of 120,000 baht to the Thai Blind Foundation

Followed by the Airline’s Family Talk activity by Aum Thanwa, Ning Kulsatri, Rit Kachai, Koi-Korkot Kengchan, who came up to talk to update their lives.of the Airline brothers and the origin of the fair gatheringthis great time before entering the happy atmosphereThe music was performed with a show by Kaimook Patchareewan (Kooki The Golden Song), a white cane artist, S2S Fly Hight, a group of artists from the Sustainable Development Project.Uplifting singer-songwritereyesight and Nong Oui Suwich, a professional singer-songwriter The new singing teacher, Team GokuNa Kru Rungroj Dullaphan and concerts from LOVEiS artists such as PAWAE (Pawae), Praesun (Praesan), Porch Pathaseth (Porsche), KiRANA (Fairy), Biw (Bi) from kiddo records at Make everyone at work go of happiness

Family Market

The event “Airline’s Family Market” will be held from 2-4 September with highlights from concerts from SiLapin in Love East bamm, Proo Thunwa from LIT ENTERTAINMENT / sarah salola , DoubleBam, JIXGO from marr camp who came to deliver happiness and energy.Congratulations to everyone in the work every day. and special activities from airlinesThai Air Asia For everyone attending the event can win a ticket2 awards (2 seats per award) domestic routes and international routes

with free eye exams from CIMB Thai Bank in collaboration with Ban Phaeo Eye Hospital led a team of ophthalmologists and stafflocation with toolsAttama provides inspection services.Free eye sights such as eye exams short, long, oblique Check intraocular pressure to assessabout the risk ofAhin in the beginning and other eye diseases ready to give you basic advicein eye care from ophthalmologyphysician

Family Market

The shopaholics who attended the event were impressed with “Airline’s Family Market” held on the 2nd floor, Zone M2, The Market Bangkok Ratchaprasong.For more interest, please contact Line official : @themarketbangkok

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