Starting pot in a company: instructions for use

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"A starting point is a happy and cohesive moment," insists Yves Maire of Poset, co-author of the guide "All the keys to good corporate life" and head of the Cabinet Piloter my career. For the manager, it's a bargain. If he gets involved, pays the petits fours and the drink, makes a good speech, the members of his team will say he's a good guy, he recognizes the work of everyone, it makes us want to continue together. All of an art, where you have to do enough but not too much.

A calibrated speech

Not easy. The manager is as much for an individual, the employee on the departure, as a collective, the employees invited to the pot. A successful speech respects this clever balance between personalization and reminder of the values ​​of the company. And this in a limited time: 3 to 4 minutes. "First of all, advises Yves Maire du Poset, we must begin by recalling, without ego badly placed nor spirit of revenge, the reason for this gathering". Example: "My dear Christine, you have decided to give a new impetus to your career and we understand it". Then comes the moment "nostalgia": to remember the good memories and recognize the contribution of the future ex-employee to the success of the company. Example: "You leave us, but know that you will leave a trace with us. When, we went to conquer such a new market, with Benoît and Adèle you contributed … ". Finally, we must conclude by opening to the future: "It remains for us to wish you the best for this future stage of your career. Know that you will always be welcome here. And we will be happy to hear from you. "

A suprise

"One of my colleagues left us to go to Australia. When he arrived at the pot, he saw us all disguised as a kangaroo. He was amazed, touched. We all had fun preparing this surprise. This has helped to make this event a memorable one, "says Frédéric Rey-Millet, co-founder of Ethikonseil, a consulting firm in managerial innovation. According to him, to mark the spirits and be successful, a starting pot must include some unexpected.

Good guests

To promote exchanges and make sense, you must invite members of the same collective. For the retirement pot of a boss of an SME, the whole company is invited. For that of a product manager, are invited members of the service and the two or three salesmen with whom he worked regularly. You have to warn two to three weeks in advance and avoid organizing the pot on a Friday at 6 pm … Otherwise, only three people will come.

A good gift

"I am posted to Cherbourg. At my starting pot, my former colleagues gave me an umbrella. At my arrival, my new colleagues offered me … an umbrella, "says an employee on the VDM forum. To avoid this kind of failure, we can think of collaborative books and custom-made Sweet Souvenir. They contain photos and anecdotes told by colleagues of shared moments with the colleague or the colleague leaving the company: a project that brought them together, a laugh at a seminar, etc. "For them, it's a way to say goodbye and remember the episodes lived in the company. For those who leave, it's a great pride to remember what he's done, "says Pauline Ronez, Founder and CEO of Sweet Souvenirs.


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