“Stay in your country”: due to criticism and lowering of artists Gárgolas cancels Chilean reggaeton album | TV and Show

The urban music producer unleashed a great controversy that caused several artists to decide to get off the album they were preparing.

After the wave of criticism for his statements and that several national artists dropped out of the project, Alex GargoylesPuerto Rican producer of urban music, stated that he canceled the release of the album “Chilean Reggaeton vol.1″.

This was reported on his social networks. “The album from Chile is no more, stay in your country. Those who want to transcend the world, count on me. We have already turned the page, music continues worldwide, ”he wrote, according to statements collected by CHV.

In another Instagram post, he stated that “what is coming is Speak Gargo, forget about everything else. The world is music, not just a country. But if you disrespected me, put up with the pressure from the Elite.”

Prior to his messages, several national musicians had announced that they would not participate in the project, including Paloma Mom.

This is how the controversy of Alex Gárgolas began

The controversy began when Gárgolas promoted the aforementioned album in its official accounts, it was going to have only national artists, and that later -according to the specialized media Trap2Day- it would add Puerto Rican referents of the genre.

“Now comes the litmus test for Chileans. How many will remain playing in regions of Chile and those who will transcend the world. Asia, Africa, United States, Canada, PR, England, Mexico, Germany, Japan. How many are going to have their own private jets and Rolls-Royces. Now that Chile is on the map,” said Gárgolas.

“Let’s see, those wise fans who always think they can do anything, let’s see how they’re going to do it. I read them and come back and repeat, I have not contributed anything or done anything for that movement. Just a world musical legacy and helping a few of my friends from Chile that I consider family,” he added.

The post did not go down well with national artists, who did not take long to respond, leading the long list, the singer Pablo Chill-E.

“Chilean urban artists have never needed anyone’s help to sound outside (because no one wanted to help us either),” he said at the outset.

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