Stay Safe and Informed: Mobile Alerts for Natural Disasters in Muscat

2023-07-20 07:37:32

Muscat: Alerts about natural disasters through mobile phones Test services coming next week South-North Bathina It will be held in different rates. Civil Aviation Authority and Telecommunication Services Coastal region in various countries with the cooperation of Examinations will be conducted on Mondays and Tuesdays. L. Ensure that messages reach people as quickly as possible This is part of the taking.

Among the governorates that started are South East, Muscat and Dhofar. Test operations were conducted months ago. A continuation of this is the operation in the Bathina area. s. By clicking on the link in the content of the warning message, the message line Confirm that the person has arrived. Current Omantel and Urido subscribers will receive the message. Vodafone is trying to develop this system.

Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness This initiative is a major step towards increasing pum. The message will be in four languages ​​namely Arabic, English, Hindi and Urdu. L. In collaboration with telecommunication service providers Alerts are given through mobile phones.

An awareness campaign about this service was launched months ago. Tons of Which area is the weather forecast aimed at? New broad to reach thousands of people out there. Cast service will help. It is a ‘tra’ that all mobile users should activate. There is a picture. There is also a video on how to activate. Natural calamities including floods and cyclones The Sultanate is a place of power. Such alert system saves many human lives. Experts say it can help reduce damage. .

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