Steam beta preview supports Switch’s standard controller Joy-Con, both single and dual wields can be used | 4Gamers

Steam has announced that it will have built-in support for the Switch controller Joy-Con in its latest beta client.

In the field of Switch, Steam first supported the Pro version of the controller, and then announced last month that it supports the nostalgic controllers for Switch (FC, SFC, N64, Sega Genesis) that can be redeemed by Nintendo members. And now it’s finally the turn of the Switch’s standard Joy-Con controller.

Joy-Con not only adopts wireless connection, but also can be held in dual or horizontal position. It can be imagined that it is a very difficult game controller to adjust. However, in the new version of the Steam client, both modes are supported, but the premise is that they can only be connected via Bluetooth.


Although the Joy-Con’s durability has always been the most criticized point of the Switch, if you only have this controller, it may also be one of the options when you encounter some games that are easier to use with a game controller. Steam has not yet announced when this beta version will be implemented.

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